4 thoughts on “BFO730 – Állatvilág (That’s Mexican)

  1. Oh, I searched for today’s show title in my Mexican dictionary. Very interesting, because
    Állatvilág means the same as smørekinger! Vulgah!

    Kisses to Poodle McNoodle 🙂

  2. I think we should have a little contest. I think people should submit their drawings of poodle mcnoodle to the Foul Monkey’s show and then let mama choose the winner on the Chrima program. Yes! No! Yes!! No!!! You tell me Big Fatty! It’s never been done before. The lucky winner will get some South Dakota scratch-off’s and $25 courtesy of the Bacon Family Retirement fund.

    Happy Friday!! Why is it LHV is on vacation & I miss him whereas I normally would not even think to miss him?!?!

    Toodles-poodles. (Ii just have a feeling PMcN is something durty. Don’t know why I would tink that!! Love ya BF! You’re the best!

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