BFO733 – Wanna Fly? Drop Your Fly.

The Fat One is getting ready for the big Day of Gluttony but still has time for some voiceletters and a heaping serving of nattering…. plus a scratch-off or two.  Happy Hump Day.

3 thoughts on “BFO733 – Wanna Fly? Drop Your Fly.

  1. We fly from CT to Florida on Sat, I’m excited about the new TSA patdown.
    But I’m struggling to find an appropriate outfit to wear.
    Tight fitting, forming and flirty, easy access baggy or a kilt
    I hope he’s cute and easy on me and has big hands.

    ps: can I borrow your kilt?

  2. LaLaLauren suggested I wear a hospital gown sans socks. I think I might be a bit chilly. Any other suggestions?

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