BFO531 – Gazing with Michael B.

The Fat One is excited to have special guest Michael Brandon in the Horror studio for an episode of The Gaze.  I’ll have a blow-by-blow recap of the Horror contest weekend on tomorrow’s show (if I can remember.)  Remember to check the Michael Brandon twitty at Noon eastern!  Dear Gussie.


  1. Pinning BigFatty?! Dear Gussie… the image will haunt me from now on. But the interview was great. Michael seems to be a very nice guy with a lot of personality.

    I hope he’ll accept the lesbians to his fan club 🙂

  2. Why did I do that? Why did I go and look. I am going to be ill for many, many years from seeing that.

  3. Dear Gussie – it is one thing to hear about the Horror – and a whole different one to see it :€

  4. Thank you for letting us know about that picture Michael B. posted on the twitties –

    you should have mentioned however that it is just a poor photoshop job. See the original exclusively on the Lodge – where else? 🙂

  5. I can’t believe it! A whole episode without any belches, phlegm or yawns. Big Fatty, you need to have porn stars on more often. When are you posting the after show video!

  6. Wow Larken is right, none, no bleches, no yawns, how interesting that a naked man will keep you occupied…LOL
    It would have been nice to have met Micheal B here in Denver when he was here. I sure Brian and I would have met him for lunch or take him places he would have wanted to go. Well..may be some other time when comes through here.

  7. Dear Gussie, big brother! That was hawt!

  8. Michael Brandon….one word. JEALOUS!!!!

    I bet that tasted DELISH.

  9. Dear Gussie Indeed!!!!!

    I sat down to listen to a nice quiet show of burps and parps and within moments I was unwittingly subjected to full man-on-man sex action with a major motion picture filmstar and a top pornstar….

    ….best show ever…


  10. Awwww…they took the picture down….That’s what I get for being behind…I mean being late listening to the BFO.

  11. I want to see the pics
    i keep hearing about