BFO832 – Anal Agility

The Fat One has NOTHING to chat about today so he asks for questions on the Twitty.  Come back Monday for something better… maybe I’ll run to Von’s during the weekend.


  1. Jackass!!!!
    That ask BF question about your head size was a trick to try and get you to tell me so I could bring you a hat from OZ for Xmas!!!!
    And by all means…let’s hear from your str8 boyfriend from Oregon.

  2. We got a memo at the Post Office today that there will be samples of Benefiber coming through next week. They wanted us to know the white powder we might see is not Anthrax etc.

  3. BigFatty would love to get a hat for both heads I guess 🙂

  4. No need for a hat for his penis head KB. From what I saw it was kept quite warm by his hand

  5. Oh dear, I will never have cheerios again without THAT picture in my mind. Thanks Bob 😉