BFO232 – Ho Ho Ho

Looks like the Fat Man has been visiting some homes and he’s coming again today with this year’s “Holiday Spectacular.”  Enjoy this little giftette.



  1. OMG….that has to be the funnies thing ever! You all did an amazing job creating that new Christmas classic. I LOVE IT!! Of course I’m going to steal it and play it on my show. Thanks for honoring me on Christmas day. You’ve done it again!

    Merry Christmas one and all!

  2. All across the intertubes echos the sounds of Unsubscribe!

  3. Oh, Lord! Nauseating, but a hardly a Christmas Classic due to the subject matter. Since The Fat One failed to capture the true ambience of one of THOSE dinner parties due to lack of experience, may I suggest that you add a good measure of faux Long Island Lockjaw to the script and, during Winter months, a cab with the meter running at the entrance since you’ll need it at a moment’s notice. Just sayin’

    Hugs to the Fat One and Mr. Vader!

  4. You are the master! Everyone did a great job, especially that one who was “busy, busy, busy”… 😉

    Thanks for all the entertainment this year!

  5. Wow, that narrator was awesome!!

  6. Brilliant guys 🙂


    Great job all involved.