BFO424 – Air-Tight Underpants

The Fat One closes out the week with a “Blow It Out” and some basic chitta-chat.  Don’t forget to listen to the return of the Little Fattycast tonight at 7pm EDT on  Happy Weekend.



  1. What, I’m the first?! Holy crap! The pressure! Maybe I’ll just come back later… Oh, wait: I can confirm that Jeremiah has never rung me, nor has Steve in the UK ever emailed me. So there…

  2. SteveINtheUKok thinks he has Podcast Paruresis in the face of the mighty Arthur! 🙂

    (That’s Pee Shy if you didn’t know! LOL)

  3. When I said “IN THE FACE of the mighty Arthur”….

    …I didn’t mean…

    …oh never mind!


  4. Fatty,

    I laughed all the way home when I got to this point in today’s show…

    “…. so that my vaginal lips can be properly moistened…”

    And I just love your new “Mrs. Howell” voice!


  5. I do not approve of beating children Big Fatty – I know you turned out well, but imagine if you hadn’t been hit on the head so much… maybe you would be as important in Charleston now as Miss Lips 🙂

  6. Wow..I feel horrible now.