BFO756 – 2010 Chrima Spectacular

Merry Chrima everyone.  The Fat One has a special giftette for all of you (there was one posted on the BFO yesterday).  Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day (VULGAH).


  1. Gee, if I knew that all I had to do was make threats and I would be on a Chrima Spectacular, then I’d have been doing that well before now.

    For next Chrima, I propose a reenactment of “Cricket on the Hearth,” because we all know my relationship with crickets…

    Merry Chrima, and you’d better put me on your “little show” next year!

  2. Pat is a genius talent….YOU….not so much.

    Merry C H R I S T M A S you big fat lard assed twat.


  3. This was beautiful, especially you guys who sang! Just like angels. Thank you so much and merry chrima to all of you.

  4. Well that was as ruined as I remember it being when I was recording it.