BFO1042 – Mexican Celebrations

The Fat One visits Spotting Big Fatty and reads the days submissions for the #1 Fan Contest today before playing some voiceletters. Happy National Pistachio Day.


  1. You forgot to say New York they like it so much they named it twice.

  2. Larry K. must be going there to get away from ya.

  3. Last day in the Sooner State then its back to South Dakota for a six hour slumber & a hoist back to the aeropuerto!! And off to Dallas. Can you believe I am right next to Dallas & I am flying home to come back? Ugh! This is messed up!

    Going to tour the stadium on Sunday, though! Next time the Cowboys play my picture will be on the big screen! Along with ‘Our Texas Votes are bigger than yours (Tampa) Florida!’.


  4. I don’t remember did Guru Nudie apply for the contest?

  5. So now KB got an alliance with Miss Bacon? What?

  6. Hahahaha, I just realized KB and KB have same initials!!! How bizarre. So, is Kim Beaver a Crazy? And is Kathy Bacon a lesbian?

  7. @hatm: I have noticed KB stands for @KathyBofSD and @kimbeaver. Does that mean the KBs are both crazy and lesbians?

    And THE I am Quick & You Can’t pull NO wool over my eyes award goes to ………….. HatN!!!!!!

  8. You ——-‘d it Up Bacon!!!!

    HAt MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Ok, so who is who? KB or KB2?

  10. Well HatM, when I speak of Kim Beaver I say KB2 and when I speak of myself and Kim Beaver I caLl myself KB2. Now, if you want to BSC2 then get with the program!!

    Only Love!

  11. Thank you for mentioning the fact that I am hung like a horse