BFO1043 – Hossenfeffer

Dear Gussie. The Fat One is backed-up on voiceletters but takes time to read the #1 fan submissions and to visit Spotting Big Fatty. But the time runs out before all the voiceletters get played and the cards get opened. Sounds like there MAY be a little content for Monday. Happy weekend.

10 thoughts on “BFO1043 – Hossenfeffer

  1. I were referring to that BSC KB2 proposed me a Vice #1 fan position if I stepped down and let her win the contest.
    And my answer is NO!

    (It doesn’t mean I will not step down if I win…)

  2. AKS Bigfatty: we have heard the rules for the contest. But what does the job involve if one wins? What are the responsibilities? To preach bacon everyday, or to hold the camera when the gentlemen callers get to the fat cave?

  3. I have been detained on the plane and by golly even the most important people in the air aren’t allowed to surf the blackberry.

    HatM, step-down! Its Pointless, I am winning!

  4. We are in the process of getting screwed at the car rental place. Its called test driving an Explorer.

  5. Let’s face it. Neither BSC KB nor HatM qualify for the job. There is only one sensible choice and it comes with sensible shoes, too. Vote Beaver and I will read you 5 times a week from the great Book of Tuna!

  6. KB: wasn’t enough being the #1 fan once in a lifetime?
    I don’t intend to be the #1. I’d rather be #0.

  7. What Hatm????? I was never officially #1 – but in real everyday life everyone knows I am. What are these e-letters you’re reading about?? I need to get caught up – hopefully tonight I can get the little shows downloaded. Ugh!!

    When do the polls open and close? I have told all my fans to call when the coin is tossed until the two-minute warning of the second quarter. Since you are the Horrah Money counter, you should be very good at counting and tallying this vote count up. I am so sure all mY voters are going to not let up for the entire first half of the little game.

    I am so excited, we are hosting the game at our house! We bought celebratory cigars for everyone.

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