OK, one more cutline contest for ya. But this is it!

So many thoughts on this one… what’s yours?


  1. Homoz N The Hood

  2. Penske Pantske or Future Hot Chicks with Douchebags douches

  3. Yes, we are friends since elementary school, where we learned everything about cars, style and fashion from our teacher, Mr Archerr. He was always such a treasure. Even our Moms say so.

  4. We’ll start smiling when The Fat One posts his podcast. Without him the weekends are so f*cking long! Oh – and we’re so skinny we definitely need some HAM!

  5. The New Million Dollar “To Tell The Truth”.

    “My name is Hymie ‘Slashin’ Tires’ Flominsky
    “MY name is Hymie ‘Slashin’ Tires’ Flominsky”
    “MY name is Hymie ‘Slashin’ Tires’ Flominsky”

  6. Chicago residents Patrick (left), Noah (middle) and Rob Lindley Nelson Magoo (right) pose for the paparazzi before entering the studio to record.

  7. brothas from different mothas

    but Tim’s made me laugh out loud!

  8. Blame MTV.And Vanilla Ice

  9. So does this mean that we didn’t get the parts for Wong Fu 2?