6 thoughts on “BFO97 – A Little of This and a Lot of FAT

  1. Get YOU a new listener? I think I have done my part… you now have Will or Scott what was his name??? It is very confusing for me in bed too now… I call out “Ryan’s Husband” in bed… I never rememeber that guy’s name either…
    Oh and by the way my husband has also started listening to you…but he says it is only to hear if you mention his name…

  2. Shut-in my ASS!

    I’ve just come from watching your “Wii” video and you’ve got a lot of nerve making fun of ANY body! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The pitching needs work, girlfriend.

    Do you have ANY idea how hot Palm Springs is going to be when y’all are there? How does 120 strike ya? Honey, you couldn’t get me out in 120 degree heat with a cattle prod and a promise. But I’ll be there in spirit…. or maybe we’ll just sneak into where y’all meet and be a fly on the wall…..hmmmm…..nobody knows what I look like……hmmmmmm.

    Ya never know kisses,

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