10 thoughts on “Any ideas for a cutline #3?

  1. He: “Here honey, this cake is delicious”
    She: “Omigawd! They put Splenda in the icing! You KNOW how I hate that!”

  2. Biting off more than she can chew? Sarah Jessica Parker’s revival of her Sex and the City role, Carrie Bradshaw, may have put a mental strain on the star. Hollywood gossip hounds report she demands her husband, Matthew Broderick (shown here), recreate the film’s once touching feeding-in-bed scene over and over again.

  3. Leland, having made sure the check for her increased life insurance cleared the bank, felt it was safe to marry Bertha knowing her heart only had 16 beats left under all that fat.

  4. Martha (right) is fed some wedding cake by her new husband Fred (left) at their wedding reception, held at the new Walmart Wedding Extravaganza that opened June 13th, 2008. The lovely bride and groom were the first to get married at the new Walmart Nuptials venue after they met when their Rascal scooters bumped into each other in November 2007 at the local Walmart in Madison County, Alabama.

  5. Tim, I don’ t know if Walmart offers a Wedding Extravaganza, but you might have just given their executives a new idea.

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