10 thoughts on “Any ideas for a cutline #2?

  1. Listen dude – my name is Conny McCunnley – and if you don’t give me at once ten dozens of choco donuts with strawberry icing with a discount I will call my cheap ass lawyer and sue the crap out of you!

  2. Andy fantasized, but actually never indulged,he was more into watching others……mmmm…

  3. “Could you make some with the holes slightly larger? I’m trying to cut down. . . maybe you could save the extra for Sgt. Phatty on the Charleston Police Department?”

  4. ….and as it was a small town,people talked.There were whispers of Krispy Kreme,Dunkin Donuts,and even Tim Hortens.Some chose to let him be while others turned their heads.But all would agree on one thing.As soon as the bedroom door closed,and that sweet smell lifted off his shirt,there would be inappropriate touching.

  5. Charleston resident, Larry Vader, is the first citizen to use the town’s new rascal-drive-through window at the Krispy Kreme located off Savannah Hwy. “Eating donuts while driving my rascal has always been a passion of mine,” said Vader.

  6. After reading Wes’ comment on this pic, I choose to just say that he won it with that one. Hopefully he will get a T-Shirt with Big Fatty’s face on it because any other attempt would loose.

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