6 thoughts on “Any ideas for a cutline #1?

  1. Groomsman Todd Smith, was able to save the gift he sent for his sister’s wedding from the UPS tyruck that slide off the road Tuesday afternoon in Lovettsville.

  2. “so much for HER wedding gifts! I did save the sewing machine so, Big Fatty, will you marry me now?????

  3. The intolerant driver,distressed and unable to cope with what he was seeing lost all control of his vehicle. “It’s not right” he told the officers,’It’s unnatural”.”This use to be a good neighborhood once,but now we see more and more of this stuff around here”.

  4. While giving head to the UPS truck driver and sewing my own Tux for my sister’s wedding, I survived the accident. Everything seemed to be going fine until he came. And look, no bruises. Off to the wedding. Squeeze em and leave em.

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