There’s No Need to Fear!

Godfather of Podcasting and inventor of iTunes Archer asked about the relationship between UnderDog and cereals.  Here’s a video clip to answer this important question.


  1. Thanks for answering the question! Is there anything you don’t know? You’re just amazing, Big Fatty!

  2. Never saw that before. Very cute!

  3. Woohoo! I DON’T remember that commercial—maybe I’m not as old as I think. No, it’s probably just CRS…

  4. OMG…I had forgotten about that commercial. It’s scarry that I remember it now.

  5. Tiddlywink. That’s a word you don’t hear much anymore. I think it is worthy of reviving.

  6. Aww I love Underdog he was so cool! Plain Cheerios ugh!