Apple + Fat = Touching

BF was up early on Saturday for the grand opening of Charleston’s Apple Snack store.


  1. Oh Lord, You were up early. It’s daybreak! I love a good Apple Geek!

  2. Was Mr. Vader not interested in going to the grand opening?

  3. Looks like a crazy mad rush on the Apple store. Good thing you got there early.

  4. You are so lucky – wish I had an Apple store near me

  5. I got up at 5:00 AM to listen to the show to hear how much LHV liked the apple-snacker-store….wah-wah-wah.


  6. I’ve never seen you look more lovely!

  7. You should have worn the camisol.

  8. I was just getting back in town, but couldn’t drag it out of bed at day break for that craziness.