BFO1691 – We Can Do a Lot in a Half Hour

The Fat One has a FULL show today which includes the coupon, a gentleman caller report, a trip down Memory Lane and a technology question. Happy National Peach Ice
Cream Day.



  1. It’s been a while you didn’t get any mister-y date! Congrats!
    Now you had some practice before the horrah weekend!

  2. What about Norman, you old poop? Is he the colleague in the coal mine?

  3. I didn’t know you went to school before the WWI war.

  4. I hear tell size doesn’t matter but what you do with it.

    So. If you want to put it in your backpack – a smaller lighter one will be so much better.

    Love poppers in third grade. Good gosh! How did I find you?

    How the h-e double hockey sticks did you become the fire drill. That was so good!