7 thoughts on “BBQ Eating Tour Begins

  1. Holy Beaver! Miss Wes is delicious indeed! Love the spooky look on the third picture….
    He looks kinda high – must be breathing in all those gases in the fat cave – horrifying …

  2. Ooo he’s printed the logo I made on fliers…if I ate the meat I’d demand a share of the BBQ profits! (=

  3. Miss Wes is so cute, especially when he’s licking his fingers !!

    Is he a pig?
    You decide.

    Abrazos y Besitos,

  4. Miss Wes – when you arrived at the aero-puerto, was there anyone there to meat you….kidding BF – in reference to your arrival in the chicargos since you never remember when I make reference to something in the past.

  5. I’m trying to think of something a little more articulate to say than “what a cutie, hottie, slurpy, drooly guy Wes is,” but nothing is coming to me at the moment. So, I guess I’ll just have to give in to the giddiness.

    Remember, Wes: Labadie. Pig. Gig. In. Madonna’s. Birth. Town.

    Just. Saying.

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