Big Fatty had lots of surprises last week from listeners.  Thanks to everyone who sent goodies (namely Kim Beaver, Lurry Dean, Miss Wes and Frank from Atlanta.)


4 thoughts on “Giftette-a-Palooza

  1. After she broke quite a few wooden spoons on our butts, Mother Theresa used to spank Sissy and I with a spatula. Do you think this is why her and I are so deviant?

  2. My mother broke a wooden spoon on my butt. How do you break a wooden spoon on a butt? That would require a lot of force.

  3. Apparently, Miss Wes has a rock-hard butt and the workouts paid off even as a child. We’ll have to ask our sources who man(actually BIG girl)handled it at the Patrick.s Pub. Hopefully, Miss Wes is not damaged goods now. We did, however, see the bubble butt (including crack, Miss Vader) up close in the Palm Springs, but were far too classy to manhandle it. Just sayin’

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