What’s Your Sexual Nationality?

John in Ely sent this sex quiz to me. It’s FABULOUS. John is a Hot Blooded Brazilian in the sack.

Big Fatty is 89% Italian. Mama Mia… that’s a spicy set of meat balls.

Take the quiz and let me know what country you represent. (I love the name of the website.)

‘Are You British In Bed?’ quiz

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Sexual Nationality?

  1. I’m 61% French. Does that mean I like my tongue in your ass?

    I think your performance in this little video production was FAR better than your performance in Forrest Gump!

  2. I am 100% Brasilero (actually I have a lot of family in Brasil) – but please, don’t tell Ryan 🙂
    This was hilarious!!!!!!

    How did you manage those fake British accents? Without the glasses I would never have recognized you. Freddy is absolutely right. I googled that Forrest gump thing, and BF, I am so glad that you got rid of all those hair they glued onto your head!

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