3 thoughts on “BFO1117 – Pulling Our Leg

  1. Hey BF,
    From the beginning when you talked about the bacon, I thought you did say it was in the Deli area, but when I asked an employee at Wholefoods where it was located, he took me to a cooler section and pointed to the bacon in the package. Now, at some point will go back and get the stuff in the Deli.
    I really like it very much, it is a treat and probably won’t buy any other for breakfast or your all time favorite, BLT’s..LOL. But when I bought the bacon a while back I bought two packages this time I will buy more in the Deli

    You are right, yes even I am on disability and get a limited income but I do not mind paying for things that are a little more if they are worth it, and that is definitly worth it.. I grew up on a farm in Nebrasky, and yes I know what fresh meat is, and it was always good. Fresh meat from the cow, hogs and sheep and chickens, and ducks, and well you know what I mean,, not boys

    David in Denver

  2. Dear Gussie. I don’t know if I should say this but I received a love letter in the weds with friends from the one and only real KB and maybe it wasn’t a love letter maybe it was just a hello no I think it was a love letter anyway looks like my secret is safe here. I love kb.

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