5 thoughts on “BFO121 – Mmmmmm, Bacon!

  1. I loved the real “Kath & Kim” show, and it was a hit in New Zealand, too. I’m worried about what the American version will be like. It follows the story of a middle class family that thinks it’s far classier than it really is—their behaviour makes people laugh because Kath & Kim, who are mother and daughter, are so classless, and yet people cringe because, secretly, people see themselves in the behaviours of the cast. There you go, a quick summary.

    Obviously I knew the cartoon music today (being old and all), and that included what the clues referred to. To this day, I quote Astro: “why wuv woo george!”

    I’d try making that recipe, but I’m sure someone would tell me to stop that crazy thing. Onion pie might be more successful.

  2. I knew the memory lane music the second it started. I watched the Jetsons as a kid. Good luck at your auditions! Hopefully it won’t be too cra cra this evening.

    That cookie bacon thing looks good but I can’t imagine bacon and cookies together. Gross.

  3. Oh Big Fatty…I love you hard. I loved the Jetsons. BUT…Astro’s REAL name wasn’t Astro! It was Tralfaz!

    Someone forwarded me that cookie recipe several months ago and I made them. They’re DELICIOUS.

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