One thought on “BFO1594 – Ash on Your Face

  1. I sit far enough back in the church to see who makes the best forehead cross. Nothing like a clump of ash falling down your face.

    I have enough cake to eat a piece a day for sure.

    Friday or later both boys will be home for Spring Break. j & I need a vacation at the same time. LOL. Oh gosh. There goes what was left of my tongue from Christmas break. They are so sloppy. And shoes and more shoes. They each bring home extras. And G – his first trip home he brought all his belongings. I’m like – 4 day visit – you need 98 articles of clothing. His roommate was using their room as a love chamber so I think it was so no one would to him blind.

    Anyway. Stories.

    Dear gussie. You and poodle are so silly. Loved the DWTS scoring. Silly. (: xox

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