7 thoughts on “BFO182 – Something’s Weird

  1. Weird happenings on the BFO…too bad those weird things got in the way of some of the information you were telling us. Missed what the origin of the BFO theme music was from. Oh well.

  2. Ok, I’m gonna have to quit making cracks about when it comes to sophisticated humor you’re Benny Hill. I laughed my ass of today (in fact I think it’s still in my chair at the office).

    As I’ve said before, saying “great show” is getting lame so,………

    (In best Rap DJ voice)

    The fatty is raising the bar and bringing it to the masses!

    If there’s gonna be cake at the party, you don’t bring cake, you bring a fat one!

    When podcasters drool, the fat one rules!

    How can he bring it? Check under the kilt, they’re all brass baby!

    Ok, so I’m the only one cracking up because I can hear Tim Westwood in my head. You get the idea. Well done!

  3. Let the record show that I have been using ending music for my show since the first episode.

    As far as the 20 minute limit, I have to keep my reputation as “Ramble Redhead, Jr.” intact, so a time limit won’t be happening.

  4. Episode 182 was so ….. Kermit the Frog on helium, funny Vera …. for your dedication to the podcast … all that food on the floor, I was dying laughing!

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