BFO1832 – Start of Year 8

Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s halftime and the score is 14-14 of the Superb Owl so that can only mean one thing. The Fat One celebrates the start of Year 8 of the BFO by reading all of the remaining entries into the #1 Fan contest before the formal step-down speech of HatM, the #1 Fan for 2014. The before the end of halftime of the Superb Owl, BF chooses the #1, #2 and #3 fans for 2015. Don’t forget you still get the normal 5 shows this week plus the special anniversararium show on Sunday. Happy National Baked Alaska Day (Poodle reminds you that is caaaaaake!)


4 thoughts on “BFO1832 – Start of Year 8

  1. I cannot believe it has been 7 years!
    Thank you dear for this incredible show, that is so important to many of us and that has made me laugh in many a difficult time. You are an amazing person and your talent to bring people from all over the world together and create this beautiful BFO community is fantastic.
    You and the crew, Poodle, The Squeakies and all the callers make me HAPPY – today I visited the hats and my 74 year old mother wore The Ruined XXL BigFatty T-Shirt that she stole from me when I visited last year. She makes wonderful cakes!

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