15 thoughts on “BFO230 – Dream or Nightmare?

  1. Oh my fucking god! I am now in happy holiday heaven hearing Big Fatty and Miss Larry Hortensia Veder together again! I don’t even need to watch any holiday vidjoes now. Or, DO I? Anyway, when will we ever be able to hear all the old sound effects in one place again? I don’t know, but hearing BF say, “Larry?” after the Hamming it up with Big Fatty slogan was both a Memory Lane AND the thing I always expect to hear at the end of the BFO. However, since I STILL wasn’t included in “Match the Podcasters”, i have to conclude it was a nightmare…

  2. What a nightmare! I loved it. I’m so glad to hear Larry will be returning….if it’s true! That brought back so many memories. I even started reciting the old phone number. i look forward to more of Larry on the show and the return of the LFC!

  3. Sweet Madre de Dios!!

    I was transported back to a simpler time of too many sound effects, and more fat than… who am I kidding? It doesn’t get any fatter than this!

    Abrazos y Besitos,

  4. Larry and the fat one together again………this is the best Christmas gift ever! Larry it was oh so great to hear your voice again.

  5. My Christmas has come early!!!!!!! I am smiling ear to ear and am so glad to hear Mr Vader (that’s V.A.D.E.R.) is coming back to podcasting. I knew there was a reason I never unsubscribed!

  6. Wow! Such nice things people said. At least I know I’ll have 9 listeners.

  7. Thanks to both of you for an early Christmas present. Wow! Imagine my surprise in finding Larry and Big Fatty under my tree. The chemistry is still there and with both of you pursuing independent casts I think there can still be quite a bit of crossover!

  8. I giggled out loud when I heard my ex husband on the show. Hooray! Ok guys, start lining up, the butt is ready again…

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