14 thoughts on “BFO293 – Cosmofilibration

  1. Good lord you were pissy and poopy today! I hope you are in a better mood now. It is Stevie B who challenges me to eating things for charity. We haven’t done that in awhile. Feel better!

  2. I loved the rantcast!! Sometimes you just gotta let it all out!! Trendy-casual, (to me), means an argyle sweater with the shirt underneath untucked, jeans, and a mock mohawk. If you really wanted to freak them out, you could add eyeliner and black nail polish. That is both trendy and casual 🙂 Sorry. I don’t know who Chita Rivera is, but she looks familiar.

  3. Oh my goodness. Is it Festivus? Time for The Airing of Grievances?

    I almost started crying! It’s not like the Fat One to fly off the handle like that!

  4. Occasionally, one needs to tell people to go fuck themselves. It’s good for the soul. Consequently, people hate hearing the truth so they’re uncomfortable when their foibles are pointed out to them. Of course, there are those who NEVER get it.

    I enjoyed every minute of the show.

    Hugs to The Fat One!

  5. Somebody needs a big lie down. A huge glass of Cosmofilbration to go with that can of Whoop-ass you opened is just what the doctor ordered. Tied with drunkie cast for #1 show as far as Im concerned

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