6 thoughts on “BFO351 – Old Priss

  1. After careful observation of the Fat Ones calves,I have come to the conclusion that he is every bit the southern gentleman when it comes to pushing in the stool of a person in need.

  2. Are there any more mysteries??

    The Volcano mug is no longer a mystery…the podcast-a-palooza pictures – I can’t even say the words…….no longer a mystery – just wonderment now, as in ‘I wonder if my husbands going to look like that in 20 years? Lord, I hope not.

    Those poor boys are probably going to need lots of therapy….horror re-defined.

    Oh, Gosh!

  3. Tension free voices, finishing each others sentences, the giggles……I’m sorry ya’ll, but this show should have been named THE WE JUST DID IT PODCAST!!

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