7 thoughts on “BFO367 – Kitty Play

  1. Hey Casey, Vera has responded to eache&every mail I sent her. Sometimes you have to wait a
    little bit but in the end she always responds. You know she is very busy chasing those big fat racoons out of her cabbage flower-beds what can be a nightmare if you are old and can’t walk – but she never forgets her lovies – and believe me, her answers are worth the wait.

    Btw, I was told that you can accelerate things a lot by sending her favorite popcorn to:

    P.O. Box 561
    Woodland Hills, CA 91365

    It is called “EasyChew” with low fat and no salt

  2. Hey BF, the mystery lane music was great. As I was hearing it I was wondering to myself if that was Dudly Dooright. How funny, I was right? YAHOO! !
    I should try to get a hold of Casey so maybe he and Brian and I would have BF night of horror. Hanging out at a restaurant or something. We should record it and send it to you.

  3. Okay, Ew: Hearing about crusty nipples the first time was traumatic enough, hearing it about it again on Archerr’s was worse, but again? So I wondered to myself if maybe you’re just sadistic. Still, the Mystery Lane Music very nearly redeemed it all. Nearly…

  4. Hi BIG FATTY its me Gabby Phillips and im 18 years old i live with my mom sissy from the seatles and i visit my grandma mother thresea so i just wanted to say how funny wipeout was on july first and i know how you love the big balls .Well gabby from theseatles is out see ya big fatty.

  5. Sorry about that BF. Gabby is now on restriction from the computra until further notice. I also believe she will no longer be following you on Twitter. I believe Mother Theresa’s words were, “I will not have her bugging the shit out of him.”

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