4 thoughts on “BFO704 – Cricket Slang

  1. i am a new listener and love your podcast. you are hilarious. keep being vulgah! i was so so so sad to hear that in a previous podcast you wouldn’t be traveling with RSVP tours on the cruise to Hawaii. I think you would have liked to be on a cruise where approximately 1000 plus gays would be coming to Hawaii for Gay Christmas on top of all the locals traveling from the outer islands. here on Maui we are having a big event on Halloween- Sunday. The cruise ship gays will be transported from the harbor to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center for the big party- BU!- 3 Djs , 3 dance floors along with a fully lit space for socializing and drinking, sexy men dressed in all sorts of naughty costumes and some barely wearing anything at all will be showing their pride. we are trying to bring back the Front Street party that was like Mardi Gras people from all over the world would come back again and again for the Front Street party on Halloween.
    so yes needless to say it would simply have been lovely to have you over for the Big Event. keep this on your bucketlist because if this event goes well it will become a regular event every year . they tried to take away Gay Christmas from us but we are getting it back! take care you. much love and hugs to you. cheers!

  2. i hope i started a fire under your ass so you come over here and visit next year. i would be simply delighted to meet you.

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