5 thoughts on “BFO720 – Kitty on the Twitty

  1. Dear Gussie! Poor Big Fatty, you know how difficult it is to pass that rascal-driving license 🙁
    Maybe you could ask You-know-whom from Walnut Hills. She actually made it on the third attempt.

    She will certainly help you (if she remembers) and give you some pro tips 🙂

    Tooot-toooo LOL 🙂


  2. Big Fatty – Kitty on the twitty – I closed my twitter account & then I created a new one and in the meanwhile found that I don’t miss it as much as I thought I did. So, I haven’t listened to the show! I have to listen to Bob & Sheri from Charlotte – or are they in Raleigh? Anyway, it is DST this weekend and I am going to be out of town! So, I am not even going to be home on my most favoritest weekend of the year!! Well, I will be 18 miles from the International Peace Gardens so if I wanted I could go to Mexico tomorrow. Wtheck am I sayink? Who knows!

    Okay – bye

  3. Speaking of Fa- ri -dayyyyy!, where’s DQ rick been?
    Love The Skull intro as always.

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