4 thoughts on “BFO89 – Growing Old & G(r)ay – The Future

  1. Another great show with Auntie Vera Charles! This series is like reading a good book – you want to read/listen because it is so good and you don’t want it end!

  2. Oh I can’t wait to get old and start selling off all my stuff, maybe I should start now.
    Then I can sit around my house in my adult diapers and not worry about getting anything dirty.

  3. Wonderful show! You and Auntie Vera Charles play off each other so well. You really should do more things together. It’s like Martin and Lewis, the sum is greater than the parts (although I admire the parts …… does that sound dirty).

    And yes, I can relate to the getting rid of stuff. Me and hubby have been together for quite a while but we still have a lot of the “mine, his, my family, his family” stuff and we are honestly tired of tripping over it. Good to know that we are not the only ones.

    Have fun in Orlando, still wish I could go over. Please get some rest. I really felt sorry for you.

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