Sorry everyone but you’ll just have to wait to get the cruise shows.  I’m still recording them but I’ll have to wait to get back to the U.S. before I can get a good enough interwebs signal to upload them for you.  I’ll try to post some photos each day and you WILL get the […]

Upload Problems

There are so many queens on this ship with iPhones and laptops that the bandwidth is a problem and I haven’t had success in uploading the Tuesday show.  I’ll try again after midnight but just be prepared if there isn’t one.  RUINED by the HOMERsexuals.  Until then, I’ll stay here in my bubble.

My Veranda Furniture is PERFECT

Unlike the Sea Hag (who demanded to have her deck furniture repainted), Big Fatty’s verand furniture is just FABULOUS.

Attack of the Towel Puppets

The Fat One was greeted by the Towel Puppet Swan on night one of the cruise.  More photos to come!  Visit ofen.

BFO285 – Appleberry’s Revenge (BF @ Sea)

The ship has left but BF is here to recap the weekend in Ft. Lauderdale.  I hope you remembered to SPRING FORWARD!