Sorry everyone but you’ll just have to wait to get the cruise shows.  I’m still recording them but I’ll have to wait to get back to the U.S. before I can get a good enough interwebs signal to upload them for you.  I’ll try to post some photos each day and you WILL get the shows once I return.  Next week will be FAT CRUISE week.  P.S.  I have not fallen overboard from being overserved (yet.)


7 thoughts on “WOMP WOMP

  1. Stay off the coastline in case the fat one falls overboard.

    Oh, BF, Miss Kathy misses you…I don’t know who wrote that coasline stuff above.

  2. For once I have to agree with Auntie Vera, I thought this was a NEW ship BF???!!

    (P.S. I miss you too! I’m having to listen to Wanda Wisdom! Take pity, LOL)

  3. I think it was probably just his gracious, Southern way of saying…”If this cruise ship is arockin’, don’t come aknockin’.”

    Or…they just have shitty internet service.

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