I’m Still Alive.

Despite the interweb problems, I have been RECORDING daily shows.  Hopefuly on Thursday I will find some free WiFi in Wilemsted to upload the shows for you.  Until then, enjoy a coconut monkey (or four) and look for more photos later tonight and tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive.

  1. Captain!, Captian!, OMG! I just saw a large overserved gentleman on the poop deck.

    He was wandering around with an open laptop in his hands when suddenly he fell overboard…..

    …It’s ok though he’s floating, fat does that you know!

    (P.S. Miss the shows but hope your enjoying yourself, don’t worry we will still be here next week..well the few of us that haven’t unsubscribed that is, grab another Tanqueray!)

  2. I see Archer, and Brian, and Larry, and Larry, and, well, Ron.

    I don’t know Ron. Is he a member of the Horrah Group?

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