Flying Hag

A BFO listener sent this photo of the Sea Hag parasailing during her cruise on the Golden Showers Princess last November.  Please note that since these are “man boobies,” they do not need to be covered…. however, your eyes probably should be.  VILE!


Thank goodness this shot was EARLY in the cruise so we could see the fruits of her pre-cruise dieting.


  1. That CLEARLY is NOT me and is a photo-shopped fraud.

    MY studded leather jockstrap is beige.

  2. Oh, brother of mine, that is so wrong on so many levels…

  3. Ask me next time before you use my picture to superimpose Vera’s face!

  4. NASTY! I’m thinking I might lose my supper.

    Your #1 Fan

  5. JESUS! I think she was in the sling at the gentleman callers baths in New Orleans last weekend. That was a hell of a cow those leather straps were born of.