BFO299 – Twat Giggle

Get ready for the derailing because the train never has a chance to move down the tracks.  There’s enough trainwreck in this one to last all weekend long.  Remember to “Blow It Out with Big Fatty” this weekend!



  1. Next time you want to know about giggling twats ask an expert honey 🙂

  2. Bosom Buddies was the show where I got hooked on Peter Scolari….had a big crush on him in the 80’s and then again on Newhart. I don’t remember that song though.

  3. Can’t wait to hear your, new, ‘exclusive’, exciting segment on the BFO show Big Fatty!
    i love an exclusive, nowhere else on internet, idea.

    Scotty “glad Australia is a long way from Sth Cacalacky”.

  4. RE: Big Fatty,you are in strict violation of rule#283 and your membership has been terminated.Sincerley yours,Preservation of Authentic International Accents Society.