BFO430 – Amos & Andy and the Chicken Flu

The weekend is over but the Fat One is not ready for it to end.  He chats about all sorts of thingamabobs but the highlight today is a preview of the upcoming 4-minute voiceletter from Jeremiah.  Happy Yom Kippur to all of the Mexican listeners.



  1. RACIST.

    $3.18 here.

  2. True that.
    $1.24 liter

  3. What? The Cheese Wiz wasn’t on sale this week?

  4. And what on Earth is this “Anus & Andy” that you speak of?

  5. Isn’t little Miss Wes just brilliant 🙂 I loved that preview

  6. Oh Lord, every time you yawn or burp or both, I am afraid that my neighbors might think that I am watching cheap straight 80ies porn….

  7. The LFC is also in the iTurds… Meh Here.

  8. Those water bottles a bit like sucking on nipples aren’t they?!

    Thank you to BF and LV that’s V.E.D.E.R. as I found the LFCv2 on Mevio last night and….Subscribed! yeah, the S word not the U word this time 🙂

    (P.S. Kim DOES watch cheap 80’s porn, it’s all the rage over there in the Pheromone Islands or where ever she is from LOL )