BFO533 – Green Poop

Dear Gussie…. the Fat One tells LOTS of details about the big Horror weekend.  Don’t forget that FRIDAY is the last day you can call to encourage Jeremiah to start his own podcast.  And whatever you do, tell those people they have something smuged on their foreheads today.


  1. You are too modest not mentioning yourself Big Fatty ……I’m sure you left plenty of donations last weekend.

  2. I agree bob – especially with his amazing Horror outfit. Thanks to Qcast Michael we got a very good picture of it.
    I wonder, you did not mention that Michael attended the horror weekend. Very interesting indeed!

  3. Whats blue and comes in quarts?
    I really wanted to post that under Fatman on your site KB,but I didn’t want to soil your comment board.

  4. Bob, you are welcome to soil the Lodge when or however you like 🙂

    I think you are the coolest str8t guy I know –

    (you and Weenur of course, but considering the fact that he talks really a lot about BigFatty’s prune dick the last time…)

    xo kb