BFO557 – I Heart to (Rhymes with Heart)!

Dear Gussie.  There are so many twists and turns that bring this show together than everyone will be surprised as to how it turns out.  Lots of information and several COUPONS for everyone to enjoy.


  1. On the plus side, that’s probably the fastest that any podcasters has made it to the beginning of the BFO. On the down side, I’ve rung my solicitors.

  2. BFO557- Choice Bro

    Tight arse Tuesday is what it’s called here.Movies tickets are less,oldies dinners,etc…

  3. Poor Big Fatty forgot to add the census music.

  4. Aww, I wish I could be part of all the fun next weekend!!! (ok, maybe not of all the fun)

  5. Oh, Big Fatty, is it Fart or Shart?

    Please everyone call the BFO cuz I am counting the calls and I want to win caller 1,000. I can’t do it w/o you. Who knows – maybe caller 1,000 will win the paid for Explosion????

  6. I’ma little curious what “inside information” you had on the Phreddy.

  7. Sweet Mother of God. It’s ruined and you’re still ENORMOUS.

  8. Maybe I can read my junk mail and balance my checkbook on Friday night’s show?