BFO38 – Who needs an iPhone? I’ve got a Bag Phone!

Yup, that’s right… more voiceletters. Plus Cartoon Week continues on “Memory Lane” music.



  1. I am so glad that he doesn’t use those dirty homing pigeons anymore…

  2. Not only did I watch “Jonny Quest”, and got the music right away, I was also thinking the correct spelling before you said it. Even as a kid, I assumed that Dr. Quest and Race were an item, but I also thought that Jonny and Hadji (or however that’s spelled) were, too. Just my baby fag take on the world, I guess.

  3. April fools day for a listener drive is a great idea. Sounds like PBS. However, everyone I already know listens to the BFO. I don’t know who else I could get to listen to it.

    I watched Johnny Quest when I was kid. I loved that show…probably because I thought the men were lovers or something like that. Plus, the kid was blond and I thought he was hot. hehehe