BFO619 – Belchnabbing

How VERY dare a TV show steal from the BFO!  It’s true and Julie is worried sick about it.  Today is a natterfest of rambling and stammering… so a typical Thursday little show.


  1. Thank goodness – I thought you were late today!!!!

  2. LOL! Playing with the old and bewildered apparently is contagious!
    I forgot the “onliiiiiine” and now some incredibly fat woman (probably somewhere on the surface of the sun) has three different game invitations from a certain stuuuuuuuupid beaver.

    LOL 🙂

  3. I was gonna complain about you not playing my Words w/ Friends game, but I forgot the Online! Oh Dear Gussie!

  4. I just realized I started a Words with Friends game with BigFatty. Not BigFattyOnline. Oops. Now I have to wait a few weeks for that game to be canceled. Hehe.