BFO802 – Sexually Aroused by BF

The Fat One closes out the final full week of February with the coupon, some Memory Lane music and announcement of a World Celebration.  Don’t forget the LFC starts at 7pm in the evening, Eastern, tonight.


  1. I wanted to comment on this episode but I absolutely forgot what you’ve been talking about. Besides the bananas & the horrah contest winners.

  2. Can you add a “like” button?
    This HatM guy writes some good stuff.

  3. BTW- from what I see,this Charlie Sheen guy is just another BF wanna-be when it comes to sexy time.

  4. If Mr HatM ate more fiber he would not forget so easily

  5. The LFC is still my Favorite…..have a great weekend!! How about that last WWF game?! Rare :).

    Toodles poodles.