BFO882 – Pure Conjecture

The Fat One is off the tracks today as he natters about gas, bagels and sports.  Don’t forget that Sunday is Father’s Day!


  1. We need a map of all your internet functions, Daddy, Dad, boyfriend, fat sister, husband, Mr Bacon 1957, horrah queen, cousin, centre of the podoverse…

  2. … I forgot “best friend” 🙂 and chief of all Mexicans

  3. What the hell???? As I was posting I was taken over by a “That’s what he said” podcast.Anybody else?

  4. As I was saying….I can’t belive with all the G-callers entering the Fatcave that you didn’t ask one to do some heavy lifting. The AirCon I mean(insert Paul Lynde impression here)

  5. “It’s Father’s Day, so maybe I’ll be someone’s Daddy!” OH. BIG FATTY!!! THAT. IS. #VULGAH.

    Up come the Cheerios!

  6. Ignore, this is a test post.