4 thoughts on “BFO881 – TV Dinner Taste

  1. Lol, you might want to take a second look (preferably this time with your glasses on). However, I was amazed too how much Guru looks like you, especially in a dress

  2. I am so happy to hear that your treatment is going well. After all, how would you smell without a nose?



  3. Apple pie was de-lish.
    A taste of that T.V. dinner would bring me right back to sitting on the floor in my living room in my pj’s. It’s Sunday night at 7p.m. and I’m waiting for The Wonderful World of Disney to start with Tinkerbell doing the intro.
    Oh and…..Congratulations Boston Bruins!!!!!!!

  4. I was always partial to the Swanson Salisbury Steak TV dinners. And when Mom was feeling especially exotic, she whipped up a Patio Mexican TV Dinner. (Did they even HAVE TVs in Mexico back then?)

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