5 thoughts on “BFO880 – The One, Two Punch

  1. LOL – I love Guru Nudie’s idea 🙂
    Repair Miss Vi and tell the suits to make her nice for the painted ladies of podcasting!

  2. Are drunkie callers given the chance to sober up and beg that you don’t play it?
    Good thing I dont have a landline anymore.

  3. Skidmarks on the Pink Carpet? There goes the security deposit! Note to Housekeeping: Double Scotchgard that thing please. I want to party with Miss Melinda 🙂

  4. I am surprised the organizers were looking for a conference room to rent. In such place how can inappropriate touching or drunkness go along without being banned? I doubt this is is a professional reunion… maybe an attention whore reunion one.
    Don’t you have over there motels, resorts or more cosy guest houses (bed & breakfast) were a group can join together in a friendly environment and get all in one room or around the pool to make this happen?
    Or is Las Vegas only made of fancy places?
    Just asking

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