BFO1132 – Drive Dryness

The Fat One is on the road to Whorelando but took time to do a LITTLE show before leaving. There’s a report on smoked meats, Miss Kitty’s mechanicals, Beryl and a Pride 48 update. Happy humping!


  1. PLEASE tell me you remember telling us in a tizzy that you had Scoliosis when you meant to say the Shingles.
    Is this an old picture or a new one since you have changed your diet?
    I sent that card in while delivering the mail in freezing cold rain on Friday. I’m glad it made it before your trip. Enjoy!

  2. Safe travels and have fun!

  3. Hum, there was a sound glitch at the end of the show while saying goodbye… don’t tell me you took the time to edit your stuff? 😉