BFO1303 – Bailiwick

The Fat One has the show art working again today (no idea why it didn’t work yesterday) and has some nattering about the coupon, a visit to the P.O. Box and LOTS of voice letters. Happy National Tortilla Chip Day. PLUS send Larry Klye a Happy Exiting the Birth Canal message on the Twitty!



  1. Sigh, I once thought too to be super smart and listened to BF on double speed – until I realized
    that he records on half!

  2. Well now… That took a long time to get to you. I mailed it the 7th? Those damn mail carriers must be eating too much conch salad…

  3. Im not on the twitty,could you Tell Larry I said Happy Bday?

  4. Poodle getting vulgah phone calls has been some of the most hilarious no material in a long time. I hope HatM stays sick, forever. Sorry HatM.

  5. Kim bacon.

    Love it.

    Dang it! Missed the Larry Klye wish. I think he is private on twitter – so! Belated birthday wishes Larry.

    I hope Vader calls to Vote Bacon! oxoxooxoxoxoxkxk

  6. We all know what Wendy says about two dollars.