BFO1364 – Guests in the Sling

The Fat One is a nightingale today as he sings most of the 60 Best TV Theme Songs. There’s also a coupon and more. Happy Animal Crackers Birthday.



  1. Oh my goodness…
    Thanks for making this miserable pregnant lady laugh! Your singing gave me the giggles! Haahaaaaha!

  2. Pregnant. Is this breaking news????

    Keep up the great shows.

    (Gavin will be begging me to call … ).

    The phone just rang. …

  3. Amazed at how many tv theme songs you knew!

  4. Great show today! LOVED IT! Cracked me up! Lol I will never, ever again, fear singing on my show!

  5. The muppet show made me laugh so loud it scared weenur.

  6. Pastel colours.