BFO1501 – Peter Out

The Fat One starts Gay Chima Week with a weekend update and a few more of the 1,500th episode congratulations voice letters. Happy National Chocolate Day!!!!

Gay Christmas Week


  1. Hahaha…you were so close!
    Stretching my legs for a run after a big Monday at work.
    Listening to the little show..cursing the fat one. I haven’t had 3 women this year!!!!!

  2. BTW….it’s called Movember here as a mustache is called a mo.

  3. Sadly, I could hear everything perfectly today while driving.

  4. Congratulations on 1501 episodes! Anybody can make it to 1500, but only the BFO can go the distance to 1501. (That’d be 20.85 DAYS of the BFO and Poodle–that’s a lot of CAKE to put in your ears.)

  5. Finally some comments!!